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Phase 1: The ‘Snap Me’ initiative

Phase 1: ‘Snap Me’ initiative

Most of us in Durban have seen the beggars in red t-shirts, presenting themselves to be snapped and to start and encouraging awareness on social media, as well as to create conversation about this very different approach to helping and preventing begging. 

As the initial sponsor of this initiative, Samuels Service Centre saw the need to uplift and assist this portion of the “’homeless” part of our society.  

We gave them each a daily stipend as well as food and cold drink to sustain them for the hours that they stood NOT BEGGING as the incentive to help change their lives. 

Many of them are homeless , rejected by their families or to ashamed to return to their homes without financial support.  We aim to change this with the help of the wider public.

We have currently have 80 people at 68 intersections in Durban (and growing daily with people contacting us to join the Initiative to change their lives) who feel that their dignity has been restored.
Our aim is to empower 400 people at 200 intersections across Durban.  Thereafter to roll out the project to other cities across South Africa. See the exciting next step.