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The Samuels Siza Foundation’s principle for operation will be a sanscript term called Mudita. Mudita means ‘finding joy in the good fortune of others.’ Our aim is to bring dignity and empowerment to the homeless in Durban. Together with this we hope to employ the homeless citizens in Durban’s society to beautify our streets and intersections. We will achieve all this with the Durban community’s support and donations.

We have currently run a pilot project where we have encouraged motorist to take pictures of the homeless in red t-shirts that read ‘Today I am not Begging! Snap me, post and tag with the #samuels. The more post I get the more I earn.’ The social media awareness has strum up great support for each individual. As a result it has started a lot of conversation around how to make the lives better for the beggars in Durban’s society. Our research has indicated that there are 4 000 homeless people in Durban. We aim to help 400 homeless individuals through our Foundation.

What we will do for them is employ them to work on cleaning the street of Durban, and to plant flower gardens at 200 intersections across Durban. The Samuels Siza Foundation will offer employees a weekly remuneration, and provide them with the tools they need to work efficiently at their garden intersections. A partner of the Samuels Siza Foundation is the Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre, who will be providing psychological and mental assistance with the aid of a social worker. This will mentally help those homeless individuals bridge the gap back into Durban’s working society.

What the Samuels Siza Foundation will be doing is providing a place where the right help can be given for the destitute and homeless individuals living on our streets. We will start to discourage begging as a means of living.