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Welcome to the Samuels Siza Foundation site.

We are very proud to announce the formation of the Non Profit Organization, Samuels Siza Foundation (“Siza” meaning “to help“). Our vision and focus for the foundation is to promote the principle of Mudita, which means to find joy in others good fortune. Our first project is based on uplifting and improving the lives of beggars …

Phase 1:

'Snap Me’

Most of us in Durban have seen the beggars in red t-shirts, presenting themselves to be snapped and to start and encourage awareness on social media, as well as to create conversation about this very different approach to helping and preventing begging …..

Phase 2:


With the support of the Samuels Siza Foundation, you will now see your favourite faces wearing green t-shirts and letting all of us in Durban know that they are still not begging, but now working!…..

Phase 3:

The Colour Afrikan

The show is in production and rehearsal, please return for more information on this exciting show, times and venue…… will love it…..